Case of “Nirmal Gram” Village Hadmatdiya

Hadmatiya is one among the few villages that have achieved the distinction of being ODF. The villagers decided to go together and hired a contractor and entered into an understanding on construction of not just the two pit toilet but also a bathroom. With a contribution coming from the household towards this venture, today the village households have an additional facility as well. Households who could afford spent in more and got the facilities of water tanks installed on the terrace. Many of the households have running water facilities that ensure them to use and the cleanliness that such fa ...Read More

Skill Development, Employability & Education

Maya shows the way, Maya aged 21 hails from a very poor household. Her father who died few months back was suffering from paralytic stroke and it was the mother whose vegetable stall helped the family of six sisters meet their ends. Maya had given up her studies after the tenth class as she joined her mother in selling vegetables. Two of her younger siblings continued with their studies. Maya wanted to do something different. When she was approached by GHCL foundation trust to come and attend the Training programme of industrial Tailoring she left no stone unturned. She completed the course ...Read More