Infrastructure for health, sanitation and hygiene needs major work and investment in rural areas across the nation. The Foundation realizes that rural villagers are still traditional in their views and thoughts and do not understand the importance of sanitation facilities. Infect open defecation is prevalent even in financially well-off households.

For all these reasons, we decided to create awareness about sanitation and it should be considered their top most priority, inform about the available benefits by Government schemes and in addition to that we also provide special subsidy to promote and encourage the construction of toilet blocks in rural households.


GHCL Foundation sanitation programme reached out to people in all the locations.


Residents of Gir-Somnath District: In consonance to the call of the nation, Swaccha Bharat Mission, GHCL Foundation Trust initiated a programme to realize this goal of Clean India. Since 2013-14, efforts in this direction have provided for construction of over 4500 households at three locations with the basic minimum facilities of a Toilet.

The programme is steering headed in collaboration with the Costal Salinity Prevention Cell and is operational at two locations namely Sutrapada and Port Victor.

The efforts at these two locations during this year helped a total of 1985 Households constructing the sanitation blocks. It has also helped one village becoming Open Defecation Free (ODF). GHCL Foundation trust provided a motivational grant support of Rs. 4000 to each household interested in constructing sanitation facilities.

Our efforts under the programme have helped in the construction of 1221 sanitation blocks in 48 villages in the district. We leveraged the pre-cast technology to construct toilet blocks for greater time and deployment efficiency.

Residents of Bhavnagar District: During 2015-16, 584 Sanitation blocks were constructed in 12 villages in the Bhavnagar district. The support to this programme was extended under the CSPC initiative wherein apart from the contribution of Rs 4000 from GHCL Foundation another grant support of Rs 1000 was extended to the households. An interesting part of this initiative was the households chipping in with their own funds and getting a bathroom also constructed alongside the toilets. In addition to this one village, cleanliness drive was also undertaken wherein 85 households participated.

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