Infrastructure in villages needs massive investment in order for village people to be self-reliant and empowered. We have helped in the construction of Crematoriums & Graveyards, Community Halls, Gau Shala, shade in school for mid-day meal, pure drinking water facility in school, amenities in Aanganwadi-Balwadi, road, temples and water facility in school and villages.


GHCL Foundation has extended its infrastructure support programs to villages in Gir-Somnath, Bhavnagar and Valsad districts.


Residents of Gir-Somnath District: Drinking Water ATM is being planned to be installed in five villages. With high (Total Dissolved Solids) TDS and salinity in water, drinking water becomes almost unpalatable. Many households having no option but drink the high TDS water and suffer from the consequences of the same.

Almost every second person suffers from kidney stone or from diseases due to high TDS in water. In association with Tata Water Mission, an innovative project was contemplated wherein an ATM machine dispensing R.O Water will be available on purchase basis to households. The idea is to keep the cost of the water at the lowest so that every household can get the supplies without being burdened by the cost.

This innovative project would be managed by a village entrepreneur who will make money out of the proceeds – but will have to run and manage the cost of the infrastructure. Water will be dispensed to everyone at a pre decided rate. GHCL Foundation trust has worked up the economies with the company and plans to supply water at Rs. 10 per 20 liters. Installation work had been initiated in all the five villages during the year. The project will start supplies on commercial basis during the ensuing year.

Residents of Bhavnagar District: The water tax bill for the panchayat was taken care by GHCL Foundation Trust. The village had installed a community water distribution system and they fell short of the required sum for payment to the state electricity board. GHCL Foundation has been financing this for the last three years. The support from GHCL foundation provided drinking water to over 13000 inhabitants in these two villages.

Residents of Valsad District: Providing the ICDS centre at Mala Falia with up gradation of the centre for better learnings. GHCL Foundation carried out painting of the walls with materials for learning. Facilities for play where also given to the centre.

Our Achievements:

  • Best CSR Practice considered by Govt. of Gujarat and published in the book “Small but meaningful: CSR in practice”
  • CSR Appreciation by Collector, Bhavnagar
  • Chief Minister of Gujarat has awarded the village Pani Samiti formed by GHCL Foundation.
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