Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is the basis stepping stone to an empowered society. We form SHGs (Self Help Group) and conduct regular meetings and training for inculcating habits of saving and its linkage with credit institutions and banks. In addition to that we organize skill enhancement training for their income generation.We celebrate World Women Day with high enthusiasm and involvement of women from ...Read More

Agro based livelihood

Agro-based activities such as Agriculture, Horticulture, Biogas Generation and Animal Husbandry continue to be the mainstay of the rural economy in and around the plant location. With the intention of boosting the prospect of agriculture, several initiatives were undertaken by GHCL Foundation. Adding to the efforts was also supporting dairy based livelihoods. The activities carried out by GHCL Fou ...Read More

Drinking Water

Providing safe and potable water had been one our top priorities. With our CADP Swajaldhara Project we are confident that this initiative will help reduce the burden on women on and improve the quality of living of thousands residing in villages where potable water is scarce. GHCL Foundation Trust initiated a large scale partnership programme with CSPC in 2013-14. The programme has made important ...Read More


Infrastructure for health, sanitation and hygiene needs major work and investment in rural areas across the nation. The Foundation realizes that rural villagers are still traditional in their views and thoughts and do not understand the importance of sanitation facilities. Infect open defecation is prevalent even in financially well-off households.For all these reasons, we decided to create a ...Read More

Infrastructure Support

Infrastructure in villages needs massive investment in order for village people to be self-reliant and empowered. We have helped in the construction of Crematoriums & Graveyards, Community Halls, Gau Shala, shade in school for mid-day meal, pure drinking water facility in school, amenities in Aanganwadi-Balwadi, road, temples and water facility in school and villages.LocationsGHCL Foundat ...Read More


Health services are inadequate in remote rural areas. We observed that appropriate medical facilities were not available in the villages nearby our operation area and the few hospitals were very expensive so people in the community suffered but avoided consulting doctors.LocationWe reached out to villagers in our areas of operation. We deployed mobilized two Medicare Vans to connect with peop ...Read More

Vocational Skill Development

GHCL Foundation has taken up the challenge of imparting vocational skill at the grassroots level. Youths in rural location are not interested in carrying forward with their household professions hence, diversification of skill portfolio is essential and youths want to acquire employable skills and are all looking out for vocations outside the realm of their household vocations. With that in mind, ...Read More


At GHCL, we are of the opinion that working with children and helping in building the human capital of the younger generation will unfailingly pay off in the long run. Today, one may see that every village has a school and Government has been giving utmost attention to improving the quality of education imparted in each of these grassroots level schools. Every village with a population of 1000 wil ...Read More